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It’s been roughly a month since I finished Robert on his Lunch Break.

I still need to remove some specks and debris from the transferred Super 8 footage, but for all intents and purposes, the film–which now exists as a high-definition video–is done.

ROBERT ON HIS LUNCH BREAK in its entirety.

It feels a little odd to behold the above, an orderly series of rectangles, when I think about all of the work (and thought) that went toward getting it there.

Here is the weather outside as I type this:
The weather outside today.

The process of making a movie worth watching is daunting enough, but getting it out there into the world before caring eyes, ears, and brains… that’s the true challenge.

ROBERT ON HIS LUNCH BREAK - Four main characters.

And it remains to be seen whether Robert on his Lunch Break finds a worthy audience.