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Monthly Archives: October 2010


Last week New Zealand legends The Clean played their first ever headlining show in Chicago. Naturally I was there and in good form.

I should be sick of The Clean by now, given the amount of time I’ve spent with their records, but instead my appreciation for their one-of-a-kind rock music just grows and grows. Tempted as I am to type ad nauseam about what a stellar, inspired band they are, I will instead recommend the curious and uninitiated check out this spiel on the WFMU site.

Also! During the show–which was totally awesome–I managed to sneak by the side of the stage and capture a short clip of the band playing “Point That Thing Somewhere Else,” a Clean classic that’s only mellowed slightly with time. The sound quality of the video isn’t that bad, given that it was recorded with an unremarkable Olympus FE-230 (the only camera I had on me). To watch the clip, click here.