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The 2012 edition of the Berkshire International Film Festival, where Robert on his Lunch Break will be shown on Sunday, June 3rd.

Robert on his Lunch Break has been selected to be a part of the New Narratives Film Series at this year’s Berkshire International Film Festival in Massachusetts. This free-to-the-public series is described by the festival as “a collection of movies by emerging filmmakers operating within a cinematic framework directly influenced by the arts. Not determined by commercial pressures and often made with very low budgets, these works give a glimpse into the culture and critical engagements of a new generation, and their experiments with narrative fiction.” All of these films will be shown in Theater #4 of the Triplex Cinema in Great Barrington. Robert will screened on Sunday, June 3rd at 10 a.m. This will be its East Coast premiere, as well as the first time it will be seen via DCP, a fairly recent format that yields a much higher standard of image and sound quality than anything that’s been used to show the film publicly in the past.