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Urban Arts Berlin's Ballardian Soundscapes compilation

The German organization Urban Arts Berlin has released another one of its nifty compilations of music by artists from all around the world. This one is called Ballardian Soundscapes and as you would surmise it consists of music inspired by the work of the late novelist and A-level provocateur J.G. Ballard.

Am pleased to report that Leila M. & Tired of Triangles’ “The Drowned World” made the cut! You can stream and download this and other tracks via Bandcamp at:

This is a cool compilation. A lot of the tracks seem to embody a darker, dystopian, electronic-based sound that fits right in with new brutalism architecture and some of Ballard’s more unnerving storylines. A few of the tracks feel reminiscent of Zoviet France. One of the tracks, Russell Lowe’s “Depopulous Nirvana,” feels like a perfect mix between Sunn O))) and Oneohtrix Point Never. I look forward to listening to this more in the coming days while reading and whatnot.

Leila and I are honored to have been included.

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