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Before this August draws to a close, I’m offering up a release from my musical concern Tired of Triangles. As its title notes, “Z.F.G. (Revamped Version)” is a reworking of an earlier track, one that graced the B side of Kaji-Pup Records’ second release. This version is a marked improvement, in my view, in that it maintains what worked with the original while expanding upon it, but without things getting unwieldy or self-indulgent. A lot of work went into getting the balance just right. The scope of this song is more maximalist, not as naturalistic and downbeat as a lot of these other musical outings, but if one is in the mood for it, this is a fun one to crank up and let rip. It can be downloaded on Bandcamp as well as Spotify, and is available on YouTube via the video below.

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