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Out today is a moody, carefully composed cover of the Epic Soundtracks song “Stealaway,” by my solo concern Tired of Triangles. For those who don’t know, Epic Soundtracks was the name used by Kevin Paul Godfrey, drummer of the U.K. punk/post-punk band Swell Maps, who went on to have an accomplished, if lesser known solo career. You can hear the original version of the song here. It’s an affective piece that seems to harken back to Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” approach to audio production (rather anomalous for a mid-nineties outing), carried along by stellar vocals and lyrics.

The Tired of Triangles version of this song is a little more stripped down, while still retaining the basic chord structures and rhythmic pulses of the original. Putting down this track took a fair amount of work but when it came together I was pleasantly surprised by the overall vibe, which feels purposeful but also spontaneous enough in certain places, especially where the vocals are concerned.

If I can finish another Tired of Triangles CD, this will go on it, but in the meantime “Stealaway” is available as a standalone single, on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, and via the below YouTube video. Here’s hoping you enjoy it.

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