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Today sees the release of New New Tele Plays by Tired of Triangles. This is a re-recording of the New Tele Plays EP from last summer, a three-song offering of solo guitar instrumentals done on a Squier Telecaster, but captured this time with a higher quality recording set-up and played through a considerably better amp. The results are a more nuanced listen, in my view, with higher fidelity, to the extent that the original EP has been taken out of circulation as this will likely be the best available collection of these songs from here on out.

If any of the above sounds appealing to you, you can hear this EP via the YouTube video below, or stream/download it on Bandcamp, Spotify, TIDAL, or iTunes.

Out today is a moody, carefully composed cover of the Epic Soundtracks song “Stealaway,” by my solo concern Tired of Triangles. For those who don’t know, Epic Soundtracks was the name used by Kevin Paul Godfrey, drummer of the U.K. punk/post-punk band Swell Maps, who went on to have an accomplished, if lesser known solo career. You can hear the original version of the song here. It’s an affective piece that seems to harken back to Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” approach to audio production (rather anomalous for a mid-nineties outing), carried along by stellar vocals and lyrics.

The Tired of Triangles version of this song is a little more stripped down, while still retaining the basic chord structures and rhythmic pulses of the original. Putting down this track took a fair amount of work but when it came together I was pleasantly surprised by the overall vibe, which feels purposeful but also spontaneous enough in certain places, especially where the vocals are concerned.

If I can finish another Tired of Triangles CD, this will go on it, but in the meantime “Stealaway” is available as a standalone single, on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, and via the below YouTube video. Here’s hoping you enjoy it.

Am pleased to report that Leila M. & Tired of Triangles, the “rock meets Middle Eastern” musical duo I’m in with fellow artist Leila Mesdaghi, has a new release, dubbed Gathered Tracks, that compiles all of our music to date in one place. It can be found on Bandcamp, as well as Spotify, and iTunes. For the occasion I put together new and improved, alternate mixes of two of the three tracks, and Leila provided one of her paintings for the cover art.

After an overly hot and muggy 2022, I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather down here as of late. Have got a project or two underway, but it might be a good while before anything big emerges. In the meantime, here’s to a relatively even-keeled 2023.

Before this August draws to a close, I’m offering up a release from my musical concern Tired of Triangles. As its title notes, “Z.F.G. (Revamped Version)” is a reworking of an earlier track, one that graced the B side of Kaji-Pup Records’ second release. This version is a marked improvement, in my view, in that it maintains what worked with the original while expanding upon it, but without things getting unwieldy or self-indulgent. A lot of work went into getting the balance just right. The scope of this song is more maximalist, not as naturalistic and downbeat as a lot of these other musical outings, but if one is in the mood for it, this is a fun one to crank up and let rip. It can be downloaded on Bandcamp as well as Spotify, and is available on YouTube via the video below.

This past Friday saw the release of a new single, “Stark Geography,” from Tired of Triangles, the on-and-off solo musical concern of mine that began sometime in the mid-2010s. It can be downloaded on Bandcamp here, as well as streamed on Spotify here, and via the YouTube video below.

The first Tired of Triangles CD, Up at 4 A.M., was less a definitive statement from me than an attempt to just put together a listenable enough batch of songs that would explore sentiments ranging from “angsty” and insular, to something akin to wee-hour jubilation, however subdued. This is relevant here because “Stark Geography” covers similar territory moodwise, though in this case the shift in tone occurs within a single piece rather than from one song to the next.


This week sees the release of Up at 4 A.M. (The Definitive Version), a revamping of sorts of the debut Tired of Triangles album from a few years ago, available now for the first time on CD as well as 24-bit digital download. All eight songs were remixed, with a few overdubs added or replaced to take advantage of finer software/gear and my ear for putting together better mixes. The album was professionally mastered and I’m now much happier with the recording as a whole and feel great about it being the third release on Kaji-Pup Records. And as you can see the artwork turned out pretty nice, if I may be so immodest.

This is kind of an “insular” and moody album, made for late night listening, so if you want a party record I’m afraid Up at 4 A.M. (The Definitive Version) won’t do the trick. But if you’re game for a good solo rock outing that explores a variety of emotions in just under 22 minutes, this is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve had to listen to it a zillion times in preparation for the release, and after all of the trials and tribulations that were endured to bring it to light, I’m still fond of it.

You can stream/purchase Up at 4 A.M. (The Definitive Version) on Bandcamp at:

Or, if you like, you can listen to it on Spotify here.


The German organization Urban Arts Berlin has released another one of its nifty compilations of music by artists from all around the world. This one is called Ballardian Soundscapes and as you would surmise it consists of music inspired by the work of the late novelist and A-level provocateur J.G. Ballard.

Am pleased to report that Leila M. & Tired of Triangles’ “The Drowned World” made the cut! You can stream and download this and other tracks via Bandcamp at:

This is a cool compilation. A lot of the tracks seem to embody a darker, dystopian, electronic-based sound that fits right in with new brutalism architecture and some of Ballard’s more unnerving storylines. A few of the tracks feel reminiscent of Zoviet France. One of the tracks, Russell Lowe’s “Depopulous Nirvana,” feels like a perfect mix between Sunn O))) and Oneohtrix Point Never. I look forward to listening to this more in the coming days while reading and whatnot.

Leila and I are honored to have been included.

Kaji-Pup Records, the independent label I’m associated with, has just put out its second release, and its first recording of 2018. Behold: a split between Leila M. & Tired of Triangles and Tired of Triangles, “The Drowned World” b/w “Z.F.G.”


In my humble opinion this is, to date, one of the better recordings I’ve had a hand in making. It’s an atypical slab of wax in that the A side is a brooding soundscape homage to J.G. Ballard’s second novel of the same name, and the B side is a fuzzed-out rock track with post-punk and psychedelic leanings, not to mention a lot of moving parts and some “attitude.”

This can be streamed and downloaded on Bandcamp here, and is available on YouTube as well…


Near the end of 2016 I met and started hanging out with fellow multidisciplinary artist Leila Mesdaghi. I found Leila charismatic, talented, full of good vibes, and easy to get to know, so it didn’t take long for us to hatch plans to work on an artistic collaboration of some sort. Since she played the traditional Middle Eastern instrument the tanbour (seen above), and I played the electric guitar, working on some music together didn’t seem like such a bad idea. If nothing else it was a healthy distraction from an impending Trump presidency and everything that would go along with it.

Fast forward to mid-August of 2017, and we are pleased to announce the release of a new, sexy little two-song 45rpm seven inch, “Intertwined Destinies” b/w “Crimson Gold,” seen here after being manufactured less than a week ago!


Our band name is naturally Leila M. and Tired of Triangles. This is the first release by the new Florida-based label Kaji-Pup Records. It’s a one-two punch of rhythmic songs that could be said to fall somewhere between Middle Eastern music and heavy rock. I am not 100% sure which genre boxes our music ticks (or doesn’t tick), but suffice it to say we got a big charge out of making it and then hearing the final results, so we decided it was worth taking the plunge and releasing it on wax!

“Intertwined Destines” b/w “Crimson Gold” can be streamed for free, as well as purchased on vinyl and/or digital at our Bandcamp site, at:


My new musical concern Tired of Triangles releases its debut recording Up at 4 A.M. this week. I think the album represents a sequence that works best as a whole. Up at 4 A.M. consists of 8 songs with a TRT of just under 23 minutes and each track being a bit different than the ones before it.

The general style of Tired of Triangles, on this outing at least, is moody stripped-down solo rock geared for late night or early morning listening. A lot of the songs are oriented around simple guitar parts laced in effects with sparse vocals popping up.

Up at 4 A.M. can be streamed and downloaded at